I hereby sign this form to become an independent member of TODAY ADZ.
I hereby agree to the ff. terms and conditions;

1.) This is a contract of INDEPENDENT ADVERTISER, therefore there is no employer/employee relationship.

2.) As a independent advertiser, he/she shall set his/her own daily methods of operation to realize his own goals in the business.

3.) For as long as he/she is a independent advertiser, he/she shall not be involved as in any form of partnership or employee of a company with same nature of business.

4.) Incase of death of the account owner, beneficiaries shall have the right to claim benefits of the account.

5.) Cross-lining is strictly prohibited. Violators will be penalized accordingly.

6.) Misconduct/misbehavior of members resulting to any kind of damages shall be penalized accordingly.

7.) We don't provide refunds for all payments made for the membership.

8.) That the independent advertiser has read and fully understood the Terms and Conditions stipulated here by the company 9.) If you do not fully accept the rules, you will not be allowed to be a member of the company.

10.)TODAYADZ reserves the right to terminate/penalize members in case of violations.